What they don’t tell you – about immigration

I’ve decided to pen a series of blogs titled ‘What they don’t tell you’ to offer

an insight into various issues. Today’s theme is immigration. Now I’m pretty well qualified

to talk about this as my wife is African and so are two of my children.

What they don’t tell you, and which is never raised in the media, is the vast financial empire that is the UK Border Agency’s immigration fees.

The government generates enormous amounts of income from applicants – and in some cases fees are not returned if the application is unsuccessful! My wife’s initial probationary visa cost £450 and after two years she was granted Indefinite Leave to Remain at a further cost £585. That fee went up to £644 last year and is now £750.

For dependent relatives it is even worse – now a staggering £1,814 per person. This is basically a licence to print money as the government is well aware that its victims have no choice but to pay up to stay here.

In addition to these costs, I have been informed that my daughter, nearly 5, is entitled to British citizenship. Cost? A further £655.

Fees have risen sharply recently for political reasons. The government uses them

as a covert way of detering applicants while at the same time ensuring revenue is not adversely affected.

Damian Green the immigration minister had the following to say:

“The fees allow us to generate revenue which is used to fund the UK immigration system and to set certain fees below cost recovery to support wider government objectives. The revenue generated will contribute towards securing our Borders and controlling migration for the benefit of the UK.

“We have made carefully considered decisions to set some fees at or below the cost of delivery and other fees (such as the application fee for British nationality) above the cost of delivery, to reflect the value of the product.”

Ah, the product. If youre filthy rich you can bypass the humiliating, costly and time consuming application process by throwing £15,000 into the Treasury’s coffers.

Rip-off Britain. Again.


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