Neil Scales legacy

So the Fat Controller is leaving to head off Down Under. Merseytravel chief executive (and Director General) Neil Scales says he agonised over the decision to leave a bleak, debt ridden, cold country to move to Australia and double his wages to £300,000. Yeah, tough one Scalesy! Don’t get me wrong, he’s a fellow north-easterner and a very likeable chap but his despotic regime with the backing of Merseyside Labour councillors has been nothing short of a catastrophe. OK, the trains have a reasonable punctuality rate but that’s about it. It’s difficult to know where to start with this but let’s take the two failed tram project costing in excess of £70m. The Fat Controller decided it would be a great idea to build a tram line to Kirkby – dubbed by some the Shoplifter’s Express – an area already served by trains and countless buses.  Even Alistair Darling winced at the £170m he was being asked to stump up and told Scales to get on his bike. This ridiculous squandering of public cash on the failed tram projects would have gone an almighty way to writing off the Mersey Tunnels debt of £110m. Instead, the Wirral tax continues to rise and any surplus in profits goes “to the public transport network”.  Surprise, surprise, no further details on that score. Oh yea, another £5m spent on cutting up a Uboat and shipping it to Woodside. I could go on but it would only serve to further demonstrate how fireproof highly-paid public officials are.   I’m sure Neil is entitled to free public transport but who needs that when, as far as I know, you have a paid for swanky car to whisk you from Manchester to Merseyside each day?


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