The US Anti Doping Agency (USADA) has produced a report that claims to prove Lance Armstrong not only took drugs but was the leader of the most sophisticated chemicals racket in sport. It’s like producing a book that disproves the existence of God. But If you have faith you ain’t buying it.
Armstrong to me remains a champion and an inspiration and an individual who has done so much that is positive it overwhelms that gnats  that have been trying to bring him down and that includes the dopes at the doping agency and inconsequential scribblers like Walsh and Kimmage.
The fact is, as I predicted, Armstrong’s team-mates have turned against him – and garnished the dish – solely to save their own skins as their pathetic plea bargain bans prove. These are skunks and traitors akin to Mafioso rats.
But it is not just their fault. The whole US justice system is rigged, as rotten as Thailand or Laos. If you end up in it and they are out to get you, you are royally fucked, just ask Gary Mulgrew (NatWest 3).
The fact is, in the US over 90% of criminal cases end up in a plea bargain because individuals are largely bullied into coughing up or face an extreme sentence  – these ‘confessions’ also include ratting out other people.
It is pretty transparent too. The USADA will have called in individuals, terrorised them, threatening all sorts unless they co-operate. That’s because they want the Big Fish, for the kudos, the reputation, the promotion. The Big Fish was always going to be LA.
If the other riders and team members had got together  and exchanged thoughts this may not have happened.
As for the sophisticated drugs racket. That just laughable. Read David Millar (Racing Through the Dark) about how it all happens in the dark, behind closed doors, in toilets. There is no big team meeting, no organised conspiracy.
Roger Hammond, British cyclist, rode with LA’s team Discovery in 2005 and 2006. He never saw drugs being used, he was never forced to take any, in fact the subject never ever arose.
He wasnt asked his views by USADA, funny that innit?  


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