Why Lynch Armstrong campaign is not journalism

As a cub reporter two things were drummed into me; spell the names right and get both sides of the story. Half of that brief seems to have been ignored the in the Lynch Armstrong feeding frenzy.
So the seven titles he won have been stripped from history. What about 1998 or 2007? What about the fact that almost every top cyclist during that period was taking performance enhancing stimulants?  If you believe sprinter Ben Jonson was the only athlete using when he was banned – fine, that’s cheating. If everyone is using, how the hell is that cheating?
Moreover, we are not talking about some kind of superdrug that would turn a trundler like me into
a world-beater. We are talking about substances, some naturally occurring, that can stimulate red cell growth and aid endurance and recovery. If you are riding 200km a day for three weeks over all sorts of terrain including slogging up mountains, what’s wrong with that?
The other lamentable aspect of all this is that LA is now the bully, the ringleader, cowing young riders into injecting themselves.
Was he not a young rider at one stage? Was he not bullied? Was he not subject to incredible pressure from team-mates, sponsors etc?
This one sided hatchet job peddled by the likes of Walsh, Kimmage and Chapman is crap journalism. Dozens of riders are prepared to state the other side of the story – pity they aren’t being heard by the sharks, pirahnas, prairie dogs and bloodsuckers.


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