Wirral Council must be one of the most most beleaguered local authority’s in Britain what with day centre closures, whistleblowing scandals and the rest. But they don’t help themselves do they? The parking situation is plumbing new depths  with a rag bag offering of info over who owns what parks what the charges are and when they are free.

A notification of new charges were issued in a local newspaper last week but they havent got around to changing things on the council website yet.

Currently parking is free between 3-5 pm in council car parks Monday to Friday. Yet I recently visited Liscard at this time to learn charges were applicable because the car park has been taken off local authority hands. Nice to know.  And now, apparently charges here are going up 40% to match Birkenhead.

Ah, Birkenhead town centre. Time was,  you could park for free in many side streets. Take a walk around the deadlands near Hamilton Square and you will find a huge cluster of bays and pay-and-display machines but not a vehicle in sight.

Currently parking at the town centre’s Pyramids multi-storey is £2 all day and free on Sundays. The council parks charges £1.05 an hour and Asda, which took over the town’s biggest car park, is a law unto itself, i’ve no idea.

Of course the upshot  of all this is many motorists, particularly on a Sunday, are scratching heads and wondering what’s what.

. Here’s the further bad news  – the free 3-5 parking is being kicked into touch from March 31 and charges extended to 6.30 for some unclear reason.  Absolute inconsistent shambles



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