Could new housing blight landmark Mersey beauty spot?

An eyesore at one of  proudmanWirral’s top beauty spots has been demolished but fears are already growing the site could be sold to developers.

The former Proudman laboratory building at Bidston Hill has come tumbling down, improving the view of the Liverpool skyline.

However it seems the empty space on the ancient beauty spot could accommodate 38 dwellings according to a Wirral Council’s house and land strategy document.

Although interim planning policy precludes development, that could be swiftly swept aside if the cash-strapped local authority sees pound signs.

The National Environment Research Council (NERC) has a 99 year lease on the site and is paying the council £1,800 annual rent but they would be keen to sell on the lease.

The site currently holds the historic NERC-owned Bidston Observatory building and lighthouse – the former occupied by tenants acting as ‘guardians’ and the latter is the residence of a scientist.

He would prefer to see the land developed as a park but says any residential scheme should be set within the historic context of the site.

But any such move is sure to incur the wrath of the Friends of Bidston Hill pressure group.



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