New Merseyside Gangster Movie

The backdrop of British crime drama Blood is Wirral and Liverpool but there’s no sign of a Merseyside accent. Actor Stephen Graham’s everyday voice resembles a plate of steaming Scouse but in this film it has been entirely eradicated and replaced with some sort of mumbling Queen’s English. Very, very bizarre.

From what I can gather Blood opened in cinemas on Friday – but apart from the Light in New Brighton I can’t see any general release and in fact I caught it on instant film platform Blinkbox.

The stellar cast includes Paul Bettany and  Brian Cox, Sam Mendes has a hand as executive producer and the director is West Kirby’s own Nick Murphy.

The plot revolves around the murder of a 12 year old schoolgirl and the subsequent revenge killing of a suspect by cop Bettany, witnessed by his colleague and brother Stephen Graham.

Of course the suspect turns out to be innocent which leads us down a path of psychological torture.

The boys dad, ex cop Brian Cox , amid bouts of dementia,likes to recall the good old days of torturing suspects on Hilbre Island.  The murdered suspect ends up buried there, an idea Nick Murphy had about getting rid of a teacher he didn’t like years ago.;

If this had not been set in Merseyside, say it was some barnacle on the backside of Britain like Tower Hamlets, I think it would have substantially less appeal.

The scene shifting is disjointed, the script pretty weak and is overall a disappointing effort.

Nice shots of West Kirby, Seacombe and Bootle though!



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