Liverpool’s best ever street event failed to stop visitors slump

Barry Turnbull: Liverpool copywriter, journalist, editor and proofreader

The latest footfall figures for Liverpool city centre show a shocking fall in the number of visitors. The Mayor’s office report  reveals overall footfall down 6.5%  last year- that’s twice the national average. But what’s especially bad – and puzzling – is that the apparently incredibly successful Sea Odyssey event happened in a month that saw figures slashed by an incredible 14.3%. I was there to see the giants perambulate around the city and it was so busy I could barely catch a glimpse, That  suggests the rest of April must have been truly dire in terms of visitors. July was awful too, down 12% and November plunged by 14.6%.

Officials blame wet weather, the recession, the closure of Central rail station and says some of the city’s cameras used for counting people may have been obscured!

The Mayor’s Main Area Retail Report also shows that 60 retail businesses left the city centre whilst 53 opened. However there is a bit of good news; retail vacancy rates at 12.9% are actually under the national average and overall 78 businesses moved in while 72 moved out.

Barry Turnbull

Liverpool copywriter, journalist, editor and proofreader





 Liverpool copywriter  journalist editor proofreader


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