Wirral parking: Charges escalate so does row with MP McVey

Wirral West Tory MP Esther McVey has condemned the move to equalise parking charges throughout Wirral as it has meant a 360% hike in West Kirby where businesses are not too impressed. Labour council leader Phil Davies says comparing figures from April 2012 with this year show just a 5% fall in motorists parking  but was delighted it meant a whopping 100% rise in income.

Nothing could more clearly demonstrate a policy based not on local need but on Town Hall greed with once again the car owner being the easy target.

I complained to Cllr Davies that a new business in New Brighton, Bubbles World of Play, had scrawled a handwritten notice that read anyone not visiting the business would receive a fixed penalty charge. After I complained he had them take it down as it was non compliant with the law.

My great fear now is that the free parking currently enjoyed at New Brighton will come under the scrutiny of councillors and officials who love to target motorists. What say ye councillor?


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