oo can put the oo in Typhoo after £27m losses in five years?

More than 250 peeps toil away at the Typhoo Tea factory in Moreton, Wirral, each day. I occasionally spy them scurrying into the factory as I trundle by on my decrepit boneshaker of a bicycle en route to the promenade.  The company has just announced losses of £661,000 for the year – oo I hear you gasp, put the kettle on missus. But that’s an improvement- recent losses have been £2.2m, £7.2m £10m and £6m. The Indian company Apeejay has paid a heavy price since acquiring the factory for £80m in 2005.  They seem keen to remain committed to the brand and currently have adventurer Ben Fogle fronting a TV ad and are extending sponsorship of St Helens Rugby league Club. Meanwhile it has increased its market share. Im not sure how long can a company sustain such losses but at least they are heading in the right direction – I’ll drink to that.Typhoo-logo-300x175


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