I had never heard of the Q&A website Quora until I watched University Challenge last night. I had a look at it today and discovered the first question I was invited to answer  was the above.   Some bright spark reproduced the latest league table of  deprivation to demonstrate just why Im so depressed (joking….) My adopted home of Liverpool is top,  Manchester my sporting spiritual home is third and my hometown Hartlepool is 11th.  So what’s happened? Back in 1994 Merseyside was awarded Objective 1 status by the EU as one of the most deprived places on the continent and was given a grant of £700m. In 2000 it received a further £928m. Yet the city remains top for areas of multiple deprivation, unemployment and all the rest of it. Yes I know we got the arena and improvements to the airport but I really did wonder at the time in the 90s why huge sums of this cashpile were given to training organisations who then used it to teach dockers how to use computers, It doesnt seem to have been a terribly successful approach.


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