Shoesmith compo case; What Newsnight and the rest didn’t tell you

I’m getting fed up national journalists and broadcasters being unable to convey the story properly  Crap reporting has become the rule not the exception, even on BBC flagship show Newsnight. All the stories about Sharon Shoesmith, the former Haringey social services boss, has focused on her £700,000 payout accompanied by some facile soundbites from predictable politicians.


Here’s the truth. Shoesmith was sacked by Ed Balls after the Baby P scandal emerged. The numpties at Haringey Council decided she wasn’t event going to get the statutory three months dismissal payment.  If they had the figure would have been around £35,000.

As a result of this she was able to pursue a judicial review rather than unfair dismissal via an Employment Tribunal. The Court of Appeal agreed she had been dismissed unfairly in May 2011. That meant she was still EMPLOYED by the council and so entitled to wages since 2008. Its taken another two years plus for the authority to reach an agreement with her lawyers so the wage bill was still mounting.

So £133,000 a year since 2008 and pension entitlements means the idiots at Haringey have actually got off LIGHTLY.

The Town Hall clowns and their advisors should be in the dock along with Ed Balls.


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