Peter Grant, the illuminati, it’s all in this week’s Wirral Globe

I was leafing through the local rag when I chanced upon the familiar visage of former Liverpool Echo comrade Peter Grant. The long-haired lover of all things Liverpool was attending an awards ceremony for local  heroes and was described simply as ‘celebrity Peter Grant’. Later in the paper he popped up again, this time scribbling a glowing review of a show at the Royal Court theatre called Hitchhiker’s Guide to Fazakerley. This weird and wacky mix of Scouse humour and science-fiction showed the old master had lost none of his wit – Liverpudlian jokes were fired at the speed of light entertainment, quipped the Grantmaster. And how he admired Commander Thong, leader of the Space Girls. For some reason she was later described as Thing but that minor matter aside the show received a galactic 9/10 on the Grant-o-meter.  The newspaper was illuminating in other ways; the front page carried a story about lights being switched on, as did pages five and 14. Then on page 19 came a story about Wirral’s lights being switched off by the cost-conscious council. No mention of though of this week’s Echo story about street  lamps being left blazing during the day. If all this wasn’t enough to brighten the readers day the jobs section certainly does. Vacancy for dog walker – must love animals. Or how about street drinking officer – love of the outdoors and Special Brew a must. (Last bit was a joke ed).


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