The government wants kids to learn computer coding from the age of 5. In charge of this project is one Lottie Dexter, who appeared on BBC Newsnight to explain all. This is something she found a tad difficult as she cannot code herself – but don’t worry, she assured, us, you can knock up a website in an hour!
This laughable assertion had Paxman perplexed so he went on to ask how long teachers will take to learn before they can pass it on. Oh, a day is enough, chirruped Ms Dexter (Cue howls of derision from programmers everywhere.)
I’ll be honest this was funny but the underlying facts are definitely not. Ms Dexter
apparently runs the Million Jobs programme for young people and has worked along side Ian Dunce-Smith. Yes, you guessed it, her qualifications for the post of leading children
  into a bright new computer future is….she’s a Tory.
Given that vast numbers of children leave primary school barely able to read and
write properly already, the complex world of computer coding will surely shove many more into a cul-de-sac. It ranks alongside the stupid decision to force barely literate primary kids to learn a foreign language.

Maybe you can watch a Youtube video and bang out a templated webpage in an
hour but to
 suggest you can do it from scratch using code is truely frightening from the government. There are already millions of young people in India with complex computer qualifications who are having to do work for 5 dollars a time
to make ends meet.
Why on earth every kid would need to learn computer coding is akin to asking every driver to learn auto engineering. Another barmy time-wasting gimmick.dunce-hat-on-macbook-640x480


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