Harriet Harmon is in danger of sounding like a fool. No, she is one. This stance of hers that the Tories have a mandate to dismantle the welfare state so we may as well go along with it is hogtosh. Does she really the average man and woman in the street voted for savage tax credit cuts? If she does, she more deluded than Eton Mess Cameron and his well-heeled buddies. The woman is leading a betrayal of traditional Labour supporters and taking many of the Westminster wallies with her. But I can see a certain logic – after all, if they ever get in power again they can still blame Tories on hitting the poor and will be delighted the job has been done for them.british-workers-betrayed-by-labour

Andy Burnham says he will oppose this inhuman and monstrous policy if elected leader – we’ll see.


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