Say what you like, but a lot of food without salt is like Laurel without Hardy. Now to be honest I am not in the salt-is-bad for you category because there is a great chance this is another medical fallacy. However, to be on the safe side, I’ve discovered an amazing way to retain flavour and cut salt intake. The Solo sea salt company produces an amazing condiment with 30% less sodium plus a healthy dollop of potassium.  It kicks all over salt wannabes into touch. And if you go to their site you can sign up for a free sample. Mine is still going after six months!.  Just try it on your fish and chips..for those Brits amongst us.

Solo seasaltAs versatile and flavoursome as salt
SOLO® – LITE hasn’t any any significant difference in taste, aroma or texture. This is why SOLO® is now the world’s leading salt replacement product used by food manufacturers.

SOLO® – LITE is available in handy 400g bags and is priced at almost half the cost, per 100g, than any other salt replacer. Not only that, but it tastes exactly the same as regular sea salt too!

Look out for the SOLO® brand on a wide variety of foods, including breakfast cereals, snacks, sausages, cheese, seafood and ready-made meals.


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