Star Trek fans may recall a very early episode called the The Corbomite Manoeuvre. In this story the Enterprise unwittingly transgresses an area under the domain of a rival federation and in the process destroys a boundary marker buoy. Balok, spokesman for the alien enemy, says the trespass will result in the destruction of the Enterprise and gives Kirk & co ten minutes to pray to the deity of their choosing. The captain responds by informing Balok that any attack would result in the unleashing of a protective substance called Corbomite which would destroy the attacker. This winning move in a game of intergalactic poker has echoes in the destructive attacks that will now be unleashed on Jeremy Corbyn. Both the wet Labour right and the Tories are terrified their world order of free market capitalism and expensive paid for lunches is under threat. Their marker buoy is the lie that socialism is an evil transgressor that must be eliminated. Corbyn will deflect these lies with his own protective substance – its called The TBalokruth. Of course in the Star Trek episode, the evil alien Balok turns out to be a disguise for an entity resembling a little boy full of wind and hot air.


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