So now there is a big hoo-ha over tax credits. Frank Field has chimed in with a plan to soften the blow for hardpressed families. I’d dearly like to know what Frank and Angela Eagle were doing about this, and particularly Universal Credit before the election>  after all they have had emails from me in the past explaining how, for example, many selfemployed people will  be destroyed by UC rules. Not a dicky bird did I hear. Now campaigning against tax credits is all the rage. Flippin pathetic. Anyways, the Govt will be forced to compromise but never forget they have instructed HMRC to come up with devious and nasty plans – many of them used to work for accountancy firms like KPMG where they would protect their clients tax interests against HMRC> Here they are in their motley glory. HMRC email addresses are firstname.secondname@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk



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