Christmas present:

Review of Mr Smiley – My last Pill and Testament by Howard Marks


I met Howard back in the late nineties when he was promoting Mr Nice and I was a local journalist. At the time, although still endorsing certain products, he claimed to have gone straight – as I suppose you would do if you were on parole. I found him very personable as we necked a snorter or twosmiley in The Liver, Crosby. This book reveals he had done anything but become a model citizen by getting mixed up in an incredible tale about a missing ecstasy hash and the consequences of its pursuit. During this caper he comes up against a drugs kingpin called Spencer Purse – remarkably similar name to the only British prime Minister ever to be assassinated. Wishful thinking, perhaps. I don’t know of everything thing is true or not but it’s a good yarn. One thing that has improved since Mr Nice is Howard’s use of description and prose – looks like he has had creative writing lessons,…or help. Howard has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer.


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