99 red buffoons @MerseyFerries

So the axe is poised on one of Wirral’s ferry terminals. Consultants have decreed that either Woodside or Seacombe should be axed as the ferries are losing dosh to the tune of 230 large a year. What they don’t tell you is that the loss leaders are tourism projects like Spaceport and Uboat. Some folk may remember Merseytravel Fuhrer Neil Scales who decided to splash umpteen millions on these vanity projects before he beggard off to Australia where some more half-baked public  officials decided to throw 300k a year in his direction. The red buffoons who run Merseytravel – not sure how many there are but 99 sounds a good number – have been happy to spurge money stolen from the tunnel tolls. These same tolls have affected ferry trade obviously so you’d think there may be some cross subsidisation available. No chance. A few year ago you could get an annual ferry family ticket for 100 squid and get access to Beatles Story, Spaceport and Uboat. Some keen clerk spotted that this was a bargain and had it axed.   A single trip on a ferry taking in those same attractions will now cost an individual approaching £100. And what will Labour’s Wirral representFerryatives on Mersytravel do about all of this? Probably nuff all.


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