Putin: Western smears again



Panorama’s ‘expose’ of how corrupt Vladimir Putin is follows a lengthy enquiry into the death of spy Alexander Litvinenko that concluded Vlad probably ordered the hit. Evidence for the latter was not only rather thin on the ground but was er, in fact, non existent. All part of the Western narrative, aided and abetted by their mouthpiece, the BBC. I’m sure the Russian spies do carry out assassinations but to say they are ‘signed off’ by the president is verging on the childish. As for corruption, Vlad has siphoned off money and  been given tributes by people like Abramovic in the form of yachts and what have you. I don’t think the establishments types over here realise just how society’s like Russia work. To get anything done via the slow grinding wheels of bureaucracy you have to oil a few palms. Want a parking ticket cancelled? A quick birth certificate? Get out a few rubles. They understand and accept this. The higher you go the bigger the rewards. This is why Putin’s rating remains high. As long as he is seen to be doing his job.


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