it just doesn’t breathe fire any more. For start-ups and potentials the Den has been a must-watch since its launch p02m6zg213 series ago. Then the Dragon’s were verbose, charismatic and jolly entertaining in the way they put to the sword the wannabes. These days I find the vitality waning and it has fallen off its lofty eerie as TV’s most admired. One of the problems, which no-one seems to have picked up on, is that the pace of the show has meandered to a slug’s go-slow. Previously there would be a rash of eager investors, many disimissed in a flurry of sneering comments. Nowadays the format concentrates on three or four likely lads and lasses..and it often peters out into yawnsville. Also the charismatic characters have been replaced by very mundane types – where art thou Richard Fairley, Duncan Bannatyne, Theo  Doug Richard and Jimbo? Methinks this dragon needs a hot makeover.


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