High blood pressure? Take it with a pinch of salt…

Funny things numbers. Especially in the hands of the medical profession. Read Doctoring Data (Kendrick) for how pharmaceutical companies manipulate and misrepresent figures as well as bribing health professionals into their way of thinking. The biggest area of outright  chicanery is cholesterol and their evil twin, statin tablets. Big Pharma pockets so many millions from this fraudulent medication – now proved to cause diabetes – that they keep on lowering the safe levels. So if your cholesterol was once ok at say 7 (Uk), it now has to be below 5. This nothing more than capturing more unfortunate victims they can prey on.

Ditto high blood pressure tablets. Some now want people taking medication if they have 120/60! Utterly laughable. Here’s the thing. Around 30 years ago when I worked for a newspaper I took a gym fitness test that included various measures such as BMI and blood pressure. I have the article here. 149/83. Regarded as ‘pretty good’ back then. Now  they reckon its cause for major concern and time to start necking the capsules. Actually I’ve thrown them out. oh and eating salt again – another massive lie. kendrick


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