Leicester City 1  Elite 0  (with the clock running down)


Leicester City are giving the elite moneybags of the Premier League a bloody nose. At first it was a ‘flash in the pan’ but as the season draws to an end a title win against all odds is looking likely. And this is important for all of us. The Premier League has done everything possible to create a massive moneymaking empire; it’s similar to the way politicians, the rich and corporations act like shady racketeers in secret. But Leicester’s shocking rise to the top presents the ruling elite with a massive problem – for it looks like giving ‘the little man’ a slice of the cake has backfired. Expect every decision from now on to go against Leicester in a hasty  bid to undermine them.

Let’s put this into context. The elite like the status quo whereby the rich pay less taxes and the burden is shifted to the poor in the form of welfare cuts. In the light of the Panama Papers scandal, Cameron has been forced to admit he sees nothing wrong with hardworking families hiding cash – only what exactly has he done to work hard for his half a million of mummy and daddy’s handout? Same as Osborne. Just born lucky, has not actually earnt a bean himself.

The tax optimisers – the Big Four accountancy firms of Ernst & Young, KPMG, Deloitte’s and PWC collect $100bn a year protecting companies and individuals from tax bills. You and I end up paying.

So Leicester, representing the little man, must succeed against the aristocratic moneybags. It is infuriating to hear former footballer Micky Quinn, a native of Cantril Farm,  expressing the opinion that Leicester aren’t good for the game. If a council house Scouser like that speaks up for the elite, what chance do we have?


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