Wirral crackdown on rogue landlords. yer having a laff


Wirral Council has prosecuted a rogue landlord who was fined 10 large for crummy premises in Seacombe. Councillor Gorgeous George Davies said others better watch out – not in my experience. Last year I had to spend six months out of the house and ended up in  a dive in King Street, Egremont. To cut a long story short, it had more leaks than Wiki’s website. It didn’t just drip when it rained, it was  literally a torrent in several places. I reported all this to my local councillor Matthew Daniel. After leaving the hellhole I had mail forwarded and was surprised to find the landlord had been granted a licence, a requirement under new rules for notorious areas. I contacted the official concerned to ask why they hadn’t even asked to inspect the premises before  issuing the certificate – and trousering £750. Offhand to the point of being rude, he just said he had no duty to inspect! Yes George,  your boys are doing a hell of a job.


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