Broken – Jimmy Mcgovern – Corbyn – BBC

I’m quite amazed that the BBC decided to air Jimmy McGovern’s hate letter to Tory Britain during the frenzy of an election campaign. However the old nanny reared her head before the credits had barely finished rolling as BBC News  at Ten opened with an astonishingly vicious attack on Crobyn. His crime? To forget a figure – and that was apparently the day’s headline news. You can just imagine some of the besuited twits at Broadcasting House thinking ooeer this Broken is a bit political let’s try and even it up.

Scouser McGovern revisits his hometown to deliver a vitriolic piece of drama about austerity Britain. priest Sean Been and single mum Anna Friel are caught up in the maelstrom – Friel gets sanctioned for 13 weeks ensuring she can’t feed her kids. At the end she delays announcing the death of her mother so she can pick up the weekly pension to buy food.

Far-fetched? maybe it is in the Home Counties but from where I come from desperate people would scour the obituaries seeing if they knew anyone who had died and left a job behind.




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